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PhD Sergey Sokolovsky,


doctor with 30 years medical practice.  



Basic directions of practical activities
  • psycological help at violence and spontaneous aggression

  • social and household violence

  • alcogolism,narcotics

  • smoking

  • nervous breakdowns

  • game addiction

  • eaten isorders and adiposity

  • metabolic syndrome treatment

  • diabetes treatment

  • joints and backbone diseases treatment

  • complex therapeutic and neurological frustration

Doctor is now engaged in private practice and teaching of behaviour medicine and psychotherapy on faculty of psychology of Russion State Social University, Pyatigorsk branch. He is a member of European association of cognitive and -behaviur therapies, participant of international conferences and presentations on cognitive - behavior therapies (Greece, Saloniki, 2005), biology and humanity (Italy, Florence, 2006)   

Sergey Sokolovsky is author of patients of Russion Federation on treatment of diabetes (# 2136288), immune frustration (# 2194514), narcotics (# 2197250), adiposity (# 2277918) and more than 10 efficiency proposals on clinical medicine apply and psychophysiology. The author of scientific works on cognitive - behaviour therapies of alcholism, adiposity, nervous breakdowns, smoking. The participant of stress regulation method development for special contingents in conditions of military actions and the intence intellectual and psychomotor activity. Also doctor developed applied programs "preventive medicine in conditions of alcoholism, adiposity treatment ", smoking self-help programs .    

Doctor trained,studied, worked as assistant in Greece (1987-1988), USA (1992), Bangladesh (1991), Austria (1994) in various medical rehabilitation centers. 

In 1992-1993 studied Chinese Medicine in China, province Cheyloudzian, Zsamousee and received certificate "Doctor of the Chinese Medicine", including acupuncture and massage.

In 1986 - 1991 played a role of MD General Practitioner  and psyhotherapist, Chief of scientific department of sanatorium "Lenin Rocks"

In 1985 has become a Candidate of Medical Science (PhD) in Chelyabinsk Medical Institute. 

At the same period in 1985,trained in the Central INstitute of Postdiplome education for dioctors ob speciality "Internal Therapy", "Medical psychology and psychoterapy".

In 1982- 1984 had clinical internship, simultaniously being egaged in different scientific reserches. 

In 1982 graduated Tyumen State Medical University. 


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